Your First Visit

Your First Acupuncture VisitDuring your first visit, we will discuss your health history at length. In order to allow time for discussion an herbal consult, and a full treatment, your first appointment will last 60 minutes. Subsequent treatments will be 30-45 minutes. To prepare for your first visit, please make sure to consider the following:

  • Please eat a small meal or snack before arrival.
  • Arrive early to fill out paperwork or bring completed printed paperwork from online.
  • Bring a list of medication/supplements.
  • Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. For example, pants that can be easily rolled up about the knee is ideal.
  • Please refrain from brushing or scraping your tongue on the day of your appointment.


  • Initial acupuncture session: $90
  • Follow up acupuncture session: $65
  • Missed appointment/late cancellation: $65
  • Herbal consult: $65
"Balancing the body is like tuning a
musical instrument: a harmonic display of infinite potential."